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» Russian jargon dictionary

Russian jargon dictionary

Criminal, thug or thieves' jargon (prison's slang) is a social dialect of the Russian language that has developed among professional criminals and prisoners of correctional institutions. It is a system of terms and expressions designed to initially distinguish members of the criminal community into a separate group that opposes itself to a law-abiding society. The use of specific terms and expressions (jargon) is also intended to make it difficult for the uninitiated to understand the meaning of a conversation or communication between leaders of the criminal world. Thieves ' jargon usually reflects the internal hierarchy of the criminal world, assigning the most offensive and offensive words, nicknames, etc to those who are at the lowest level of the hierarchy, and the most "respectful" words and expressions to those who have the most power and influence.
The criminal environment in the XIX century developed a special language for communicating with each other. Russian thieves' jargon also includes words from Yiddish, Ukrainian, and other languages.
In the 1930s and 1950s, many Soviet scientists, writers, poets, and human rights activists (for example, Dmitry Likhachev, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Varlam Shalamov, and Yuri Orlov) were repressed and imprisoned in the Soviet Union, including in the system of state camps (GULAG). They described prison life and the speech used there. Partly for this reason, and also because a large part of the country's population passed through Soviet places of detention, many words of thieves' jargon became known and passed into colloquial and even literary Russian.
The following dictionary contains more than 7,000 words and expressions of camp slang (jargon) and can help you study the specifics of life in the Soviet Union.

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